Ph.D., University of British Columbia, December 1983
Discipline: Clinical Psychology

MA, University of British Columbia, July 1978
Discipline: Clinical Psychology

BA (Hons), Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario), May 1975
Discipline: Psychology


Registered Psychologist, Province of British Columbia
CPBC Registration #722
British Columbia Psychological Association


Psychologist, Private Practice, West Vancouver, B.C.
April 2005 to present
Provide assessment, therapy and consultation to an adult and adolescent population with an emphasis on psychological concerns, couples issues, family violence, substance abuse, disability and workplace issues. Provide consultation and educational services to employers and insurance companies.

Director, Professional Services, B.C. Region , Wilson Banwell Human Solutions
April 1992 to April 2005
Directed all clinical services and supervised 125 clinicians providing Employee and Family Assistance Programs in the B.C. Region for Wilson Banwell Human Solutions, a psychological services company.

Psychologist, North Shore Community Mental Health Centre, North Vancouver, B.C.
September 1984 through March 1991
Provided therapy, assessment and consultation within the context of a multidisciplinary mental health team, working primarily with an acute adult population.

Co-Director, Vancouver Assaultive Husbands Project, Vancouver, B.C.
December 1982 to 1996
Co-lead and coordinated a treatment program for court-directed assaultive husbands.

Psychologist, Private Practice, North Vancouver, B.C.
September 1989 to 1996
Provided assessment and therapy with an adult and adolescent population and emphasis on psychological concerns, couples issues and family violence.

Psychologist, Burnaby Family Life Institute, Burnaby, B.C.
November 1988 through June 1989
Designed and implemented a group treatment program for assaultive husbands.

Psychologist, Delta Mental Health Centre, Delta, B.C.
August 1984 through June 1985
Assessment of young offenders referred to the centre. Design, implementation and evaluation of a court-directed treatment program for violent male young offenders.

Psychologist/Family Therapist, Richmond Association for Children's Services, Richmond, B.C.
May 1981 through June 1983
Assessment and treatment of children who were experiencing a variety of behavioural and emotional problems and their families.

Clinical Supervisor, University of British Columbia Department of Psychology, Vancouver, B.C.
September 1981 through April 1982
Clinical training and supervision of first-year graduate students in cognitive behavioural techniques and non-behavioural approaches to therapy.

Clinical Psychology Intern, Health Sciences Centre Hospital, Behaviour Therapy Services, Vancouver, B.C.
February 1979 through August 1979 (full-time) and January 1980 through July 1980 (full-time).
A clinical internship involving assessment and treatment of adolescents, adults and couples, with emphasis on cognitive-behavioural approaches to treatment, neuropsychological assessment and pain management.


Consultant, National Clearinghouse on Family Violence, Health and Welfare, Ottawa, Ontario.
January 1984 through June 1984.
Conducted a nationwide on-site survey of treatment programs for assaultive husbands.

Program Evaluation Researcher, Vancouver Assaultive Husbands Project
March 1982 through November 1982.
Conducted an evaluation of a court-directed treatment program for assaultive husbands in conjunction with the United Way of the Lower Mainland.

Research/Teaching Assistant, University of British Columbia
September 1977 through April 1983 (part-time).
Planned basic research in the area of domestic violence, grading exams and consulting with students.

Researcher, Non-Medical Use of Drugs Directorate, Health and Welfare Canada.
May 1978 through August 1978.
Research project designed to predict dropouts in a residential treatment program for substance abusers.

May 1977 through August 1977.
Outcome evaluation on the addition of a marital therapy component to a residential treatment program for substance abusers.

Queen's University, Psychology Department, Kingston, Ontario.
May 1975 through March 1976 (full-time).
Planning and implementation of basic research and program evaluation in the area of road safety.


North Shore Crises Services Society, North Vancouver, B.C. The society operates Emily Murphy Transition House for battered women. Board member from November 1984 to 1991. President of the Board June 1988 to May 1990.


HR MacMillan Family Fellowship (1976/77)

University of British Columbia Graduate Fellowship (1977/78)

University of British Columbia Summer Fellowship (1981)


I have given numerous training workshops and seminars in the field of domestic violence, stress management, anger management, trauma assistance and employee assistance. I have also appeared on radio and television to discuss domestic violence.


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